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As the New Year starts, the flurry of pupillage applications to non-OLPAS sets begins. This year I will be including on the PupillageBlog links to the individual chambers seeking pupils for both 2011 and 2012, which can be found under ‘Open Pupillage Applications’. In addition, I will also be providing ongoing links to help would be pupils with their applications and pupillage interviews.

For any successful pupillage application both the layout and content are paramount. To provide some insight and a structured example of this, click here to view a non-OLPAS CV. Likewise, now is the time to get your head around the Pupillage Portal Application. Too often applications are typically left to the last minute and it is really important that you plan ahead. This application is time consuming and given the importance attached to the first-round applications, you need to be mindful that your application merits the requirements of chambers and is compelling in content. Whilst the Pupillage Portal Application is subject to some changes each year, I would certainly recommend to be one stage ahead of the game given that you must individually select each set chambers and present your considered reasoning. Click here to view the current sample Pupillage Portal Application.

Turning now to the interview process, this can be somewhat daunting especially as each pupillage interview will be so uniquely different. The key here is to ensure that you are fully prepared and that you are mindful of the specific requirements needed for your chosen set. Having conducted fastidious research upon chambers, you now need to be prepared for those all important questions. The College of Law have produced an excellent fact-sheet to prepare pupils for the interview process, click here to view ‘How to Prepare for Pupillage Interviews’.

Finally, turning to the PupillageBlog Podcasts. I will be providing regular updates which will be available to download from both The PupillageBlog and iTunes. The unique content will include news and articles from the blog along with updated legal news which will be tweeted through Twitter and ‘The Daily PupillageBlog Legal Twitter‘ which is published daily.

So until next time, take care and good luck with those applications.

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