About ‘The Pupillage Blog’

Welcome to The Pupillage Blog

A very big welcome to ‘The Pupillage Blog’.

Welcome to The Pupillage Blog! In this its seventh year, the blog follows the transitional change from student, to pupil, to barrister.  Now, whilst I have achieved this jump and have gained the non-exclusive title of non-practicing barrister, it is the remit of this blog to help aid those in the fastidious search for the ‘Holy Grail’ of pupillage, whilst seeking to inform pupils, barristers and legal minded individuals alike of good legal sources along with important news from the Bar.
However, it is important to point out from the outset, that this blog is designed to try and support those seeking to attain a pupillage and the decorated seats of court. So, with this in mind, I will comment regularly on The Pupillage Blog about the key prerequisites that a ‘Would Be Barrister’ will require for the ever growing arsenal of daily challenges which include:

  • the types of prep required for pupillage interviews
  • good interview techniques
  • key study skills for preparation upon that route of study
  • considered good legal reading
  • and pretty much anything else I can think of which I can share with the masses to help you on your way…which will include the very latest legal news, features and developments within the law to aid both pupils and lawyers alike keeping you up-to-speed with all the current events!
Turning to thoughts, opinions shared within this blog. Well, they are my own and I seek in no way to offend or upset the folk of the cyberworld, but to only provide an opinion and to hopefully provide a little light relief upon the journey.  I will be drafting up some challenging legal arguments to help you on your way with ‘Mooting’ or my own personal reflections upon the ever changing legal profession and law. Finally, comments about my BLUE SUIT.  Well, I had this made and wear it regularly as I take on life’s challenges to bring you the very best information and news for those embarking upon the road ahead on the path to pupillage.

So enjoy The Pupillage Blog and remember, you can also follow regular legal news and pupillage updates on Twitter too @Pupillageblog. Happy reading!