Bar Council announces launch of Pupillage Fair

Newsflash from: The Bar Council

Newsflash from: The Bar Council

Following my return back to Pupillageville from my August festivities, I have received an update and communication from the Bar Council in relation to a new directive for supporting pupillage.  The first ever ‘Bar Council Pupillage Fair’ has been announced.   This new incentive I hope will support the existing Pupillage Fairs, but importantly will encourage an additional opportunity for individuals to openly discuss and gain a wider understanding of both pupillage and realistic opportunities which exist in the legal marketplace of chambers.

I note that attendees can now register their place to attend the Pupillage Fair, so my recommendation is to get your name and place on the list for 21st November!


Bar Council announces launch of Pupillage Fair
Chancery Bar backs “all Bar” careers fair

The first ever Bar Council Pupillage Fair will take place on 21 November 2015 and will be a hub of information for students considering a career at the Bar and a chance to meet chambers as well as course providers.

Running alongside the Chancery Bar Association’s careers fair, the Pupillage Fair will be open to all chambers looking to recruit, irrespective of their specialism.

The joint fair, taking place at Lincoln’s Inn, will have representatives, workshops and information available from the Bar Council and other Specialist Bars about all aspects of life at the Bar. While many students may have a clear idea of the path they wish to follow, attending the Fair provides a unique opportunity to:

•    Learn about all areas of the Bar and ask questions to those in the best position to provide advice
•    Speak with representatives from different Specialist Bar Associations to provide the best insight into different practice areas
•    Speak with others who have been through pupillage or those from key committees who can offer advice about starting your journey at the Bar, and
•    Learn about the Pupillage Gateway, the online application system for pupillage operated by the Bar Council.

Philip Roberston, Director of Policy at the Bar Council, said: “Careers advice on how to become a barrister, which includes what’s required to succeed at the Bar and the challenges as well as the opportunities involved with the profession, is often hard to find.

“The point of the Pupillage Fair is to bring all that information, as well as people who can provide a wealth of guidance about a career as a barrister, under one roof. Students thinking about a career as a barrister can use the fair as an opportunity to find out more and help them decide whether the Bar is the path they wish to go down and whether particular specialisms at the Bar are of interest to them. As we are joining forces with the Chancery Bar this year, there will be a healthy representation from Chancery sets as well as exhibition stands, information and workshops tailored for all specialist areas. The fair is an excellent platform for students to meet chambers and course providers face to face, as well as a chance for chambers to widen their net in the search for potential talent.

“If chambers are serious about opening up pupillages to tap into a larger talent pool, the Bar Council Pupillage Fair is an ideal opportunity for them to do that. The fair also sends a clear signal to students that the Bar is open to all as a career.”

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