New updates on The Pupillage Blog…

Updates include the latest pupillage opportunities to chambers legal commentary

Updates include the latest pupillage opportunities to chambers legal commentary.


Over the weekend there have been major updates on ‘The Pupillage Blog’.

Current Pupillage Opportunities 2015‘ has now gone live and includes 16 differing sets of chambers offering pupillage opportunities.  In addition, a new feature has been added to the Blog entitled ‘Chambers Legal Commentary 2015‘.  This new page is incredibly important for any pupillage interview, or supporting those who are now working in chambers. The linked commentary provides a clear unfettered approach to compelling legal opinions, developing case law, succinct application of the differing legal disciplines along with general developments within law at the Bar.   The collection of linked newsletters and digests will be regularly updated and is designed to provide another supportive mechanism of reliable and compelling legal opinion.

Finally, whether you use either Twitter or Facebook, ‘The Pupillage Blog’ is updated regularly daily across both social network platforms, so as to support you whilst you are on the move with all the latest important legal news and views.

So until my next entry, keep watching the Blog as updates will be posted regularly.

As always,

Stephen AKA Justin Time

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