Merry Christmas and The Pupillage Proms Part III

New features added to The Pupillage Blog, include 3rd six pupillage opportunities and The Daily Pupillage Blog News, a daily publication of hand-picked legal news.

From Barrister to Composer – The Pupillage Proms

We all come to the Bar with differing skills and abilities, to which I hope that I am no exception to the rule.

The Pupillage Hunt Continues …. Armed With A Little Light Relief!

..I was pleased to receive my copy of ‘The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook – 2010’ this week (definite must have!!). Having marked the salient pages of intent, I will now in earnest highlight the prospective chambers and place them in my sights. Of course it goes without saying that all feedback generated will be reported back to the nerve centre here at ‘PupillageBlog.Com’….

Escape From The Pupillage Applications With The Pupillage Blog!

Currently on a number of blogs, there seems to be a theme that relates to a variety of relevant literature either academic or otherwise for ‘the would be pupil’. However, in true tradition I have decided to buck the trend and to focus upon the TV antics of the Bar. So here is the Pupillage Blog critique guide to recommended DVD watching for any would be barrister!!!