Hints And Tips To Support Your Pupillage Interviews

Hints and Tips with your Pupillage Interview: Your chosen subject… Why do you want to become a Barrister….. It’s that time of year again when aspiring individuals seek to a

The Pupillage Gateway And The All Important FAQ’s – An Interview With The Bar Council

In this interview with the Bar Council, I can hopefully shed some legal rays of sunlight upon the forthcoming ‘Pupillage Gateway’ and persuasively put forward those all-important FAQ’s for both pupils and chambers alike, as attentions begin to shift towards this new bespoke online pupillage application system.

Pupillage Application and Interview Tools 2011

As the New Year starts, the flurry of pupillage applications to non-OLPAS sets begins. This year I will be including on the PupillageBlog links to the individual chambers seeking pupils for both 2011 and 2012

Assistance With Your Pupillage Portal Submission

If you are looking for help or assistance with your online pupillage submission through the pupillage portal, then look no further. ‘The Pupillage Blog’ gives you the guidance and directions you need to completing your online application.

Pupillage Blog Returns For Action!

However, I am pleased to say that I have returned and will be donning the new action hero ‘Pupillage Suit’, ready to combat both the Bar and Chambers, for Justin Time has returned to explore and report back in detail the progress in the eternal search and quest for pupillage!