The Roll Of The Pupillage Dice

It is time to address the fundamental question of whether the opportunity of attaining a pupillage is more than just a mere roll of the dice?

Pupillage News and Important Links for Pupillage Applications

It has to be said, that one of the most searched terms on the blog is that of a ‘covering letter for pupillage’. Providing a succinct application which meets the expectations in content for any perspective Pupillage Committee is an absolute must.

Pupillage Application and Interview Tools 2011

As the New Year starts, the flurry of pupillage applications to non-OLPAS sets begins. This year I will be including on the PupillageBlog links to the individual chambers seeking pupils for both 2011 and 2012

Pupillage Applications and the Pupillage Portal

With the advent of the pupillage doors opening in March, thoughts at ‘The Pupillage Blog’ turn to the usual consideration of the biblical application process otherwise know as OLPAS, or for those subscribing to the political correct, those chambers subscribing to The Pupillage Portal.

Pupillage Interviews Going South!

reparation for any pupillage interview should always include a wide knowledge of news and views from the Bar, along with current news and opinions within the area of law in which you seek to practice, that way you can be assured to be able to succinctly answer any curve ball that may be thrown at you during the interview process. However, nothing could have prepared me for an interview I had recently as I have mentioned previously in another post.