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Pupillage Doors to the Pupillage Portal Open Once More

With the advent of the pupillage doors opening in March, thoughts at ‘The Pupillage Blog’ turn to the usual consideration of the biblical application process otherwise know as OLPAS, or for those subscribing to the political correct, those chambers subscribing to The Pupillage Portal.

It never ceases to amaze me that year on year, the criterion of required questions and answers grow relentlessly in both stature and size on one single continual cyber sheet of ever flowing A4.  A friend of mine commented on this issue of the OLPAS system, when he stated that in one set of chambers they had built Greek pillars from the application forms and that the Barristers marvelled from afar the daunting prospect of having to inspect and read each of the submitted pupillage application forms.

In truth, I have yet to obtain an interview from this process.  Indeed, any successes with interviews have always been attained through the non-OLPAS route.  I put this down to the more practical fact that in short, a Pupillage Committee would prefer to read a succinct application to chambers than entertain a document which gives ‘War and Peace’ a good run for its money.

The Pupillage Portal has released its own pre-action protocol with the publication of the 2010 Pupillage Portal timetable. Within this schedule of events, timings for each requirement are clearly identified, so it is certainly worth familiarising yourself with the different stages of commencement to pupillage combat.

This week I shall be putting pen to paper to pro-actively disseminate my applications to non-OLPAS sets, whilst taking a wider view upon whom to send my pupillage application to when the door of opportunity knocks in March.

Other thoughts this week have focused upon the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT).  As the clock is ticking down after being Called to the Bar in 2007, this may become the more prescriptive approach to attain the status of legal practice especially given the momentum of change being advocated by Nicholas Green QC, Chairman of the Bar, as he calls for the need for the Bar to diversify and indeed open the door to other practitioners.

And so now to other news. Popular tweets this past week have included discussions surrounding the Junior Criminal Bar and how it is now under threat from botched Legal Aid Reforms. This was further reinforced by Nicholas Green QC, who said that the latest round of proposed cuts in criminal legal aid in England and Wales, coupled with the absence of a clear strategic vision for the future of legal aid were placing the country’s justice system at risk. I think that it is a question of watch this space as the Bar Council launches a Judicial Review of Government’s consultations on criminal legal aid. However, followers of this blog beware, in my considered opinion it would serve you well to keep up to speed with events especially if you are summoned to interview, as this is likely to be a topical question asked of any would be pupillage candidate.

As always,
Justin Time

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  • Kris

    Hello Justin

    There is an interesting article by Tim Lawson Cruttenden in this week’s Law Society Gazette on solicitor advocates. He wonders if the Law Society should become a “fifth Inn” re advocacy training or whether SAs should be allowed/required to join an Inn and undertake their training there. I have the feeling the profession will become effectively fused sooner rather than later… In a battle between the SRA and the Bar Standards Board – as Alex Ferguson might say – I hope they both lose.

    You may also be aware that the QLTT is becoming the QLTS http://bit.ly/cs2vrv and that anyone wanting to pursue this route should get their skates on.

    Thanks for linking and reminding about the pupillage timetable!

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