Pupillage Blog Returns For Action!

The Return Of The Pupillage Blog!

The Return Of The Pupillage Blog!

With the end of summer and so much happening outside the world of pupillage, it is with apologies that I have been somewhat distant and absent for so long.  Sadly, with the passing of a much loved member of the family my commitments have been required elsewhere.

However, I am pleased to say that I have returned and will be donning the new action hero ‘Pupillage Suit’, ready to combat both the Bar and Chambers, for Justin Time has returned to explore and report back in detail the progress in the eternal search and quest for pupillage!

Turning to the Pupillage Portal, I note that it has shut its doors for the year, only to reopen again in April 2010.  One can only hope that it seeks to employ a more logical way of structuring the online processing of candidate information, i.e. preferably not  the rafts of pages of inquisitorial information,  but that it should turn to a more balanced and mindful approach.  I for one would welcome not sending prospective chambers a CV which contains reams of virtual electronic pages, but in turn would subscribe to a more succinct application process.  Roll on the less narrow recruitment approach to non Olpas chambers where less means more, if you get my drift.

As I pen these words, I feel that it is more important for would be pupils to think very seriously about their area of practice at the Bar. With impending changes being driven to the very heart of the profession, it was welcoming to see that the Best Value Tendering (BVT) will not be introduced until a full evaluation has been undertaken, meaning that it is unlikely to be in place until 2013.

Finally, I will be exposing the Pupillage Blog to ‘Twitter’ and by so doing, extend my capabilities to ensure that I become a less technophobic individual!

As always,
Justin Time

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