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Extra...Extra.... Read All About It! 'The Daily PupillageBlog Legal Twitter'

As the PupillageBlog continues to tweet away with regular updates upon Twitter, I will be providing a new daily editorial feature upon ‘The Daily PupillageBlog Legal Twitter’.  This new editorial will give an insight into some of the daily legal tweeters along with highlighting the best of the daily tweeting features and articles. So put your feet up and enjoy.

Today’s edition provides a wide selection of compelling legal news from the legal tweeters of Twitter.

@MagicCircleMinx tweets on the persuasive issues surrounding tweeting & blogging while avoiding the legal rollercoaster of the Contempt of Court Act, while @GdnLaw tweets about an equally engaging feature upon why lawyers who fall foul of the legal watchdog should be named.  This well written article is penned from tabloid ink of Neil Rose from the Guardian.

Turning to more entertaining articles, @WardblawG brings a light hearted tweet directly from the WardblawG Blog with the hilarious Trainee Lawyer Tips: AKA as the The Eleven Commandments.

Finally @GavWard tweets on Legaleaglemhm’s Blawg, a diarised blog which provides a compulsive insight into the world of a Scottish Legal Practice student with today’s entry focusing upon ‘Why Lawyers SHOULD tweet’.

So happy reading, until next time.

Justin Time.

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