Today’s Top Search: “Anyone had replies or offers yet from pupillage portal?”

Rumors from the Bloggers!!

Rumors from the Bloggers!!


The rumor mill seems to be running rife at the moment across the different online blogs that interviews are being set up and are already running at Chambers for the next pupillage cohort. Well, I am still eagerly awaiting my SMS text in the new prescriptive messaging from ‘Pupillage Portal’.  Curiously though, confirmation of these interviews seems to be not quite so forthcoming. Can’t think why?…….


Well it’s another tough day at the office as another one bites the dust, only this time it’s the Speaker at the House of Commons, Michael Martin…  Controversial remarks were made by Gordon Brown, stating that Westminster “can’t operate like some gentlemen’s club” in which MPs are “judge and jury” of “pay and rations”. Me thinks… that these remarks could apply to other professions too!


However, with all these rafts of changes ‘The Lawyer’ is running with an interesting news feature upon a very popular set of Chambers…”Hardwicke Building is completely overhauling its structure and organising into four key client divisions……”, this looks like key changes are beginning to take effect within Chambers and maybe this is the shape of things to come.


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  • Sorry, I posted this in another blog entrie, but this is better for it.. Sorry again

    I am trying to get the word out to anyone thats got an olpas application out there. This website here has a form you fill out saying how your applications are doing. the more that fill it in, means you can see at a glance which chambers have replied already, to other, so you can get a little more information about whats happening with yours..

    I know I am seeing people panic around me that havn’t heard anything yet, and assume everyone else has heard.. now you can actualy see how others are doing.!

    please, all BVC students fill in the form..

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