Watch out! You may be rejected!!!

What wonderful protocol - 'Officially Rejected'!!!
What wonderful protocol – ‘Officially Rejected’!!!

Well, no sooner said than done!!! After my recent post, I am now officially in the capacity of being rejected. Is this the tender way to break the news after hours of slogging it out over the new truncated multi-paged online application form of the ‘Pupillage Portal’?

After sleepless nights of careful wording, explaining in detail my aptitude and life skills, demonstrating my application of legal argument and compelling advocacy abilities over a course of some XXXX thousand words, to be simply distinguished and tipped to the electronic dustbin of cyberspace without a even a sympathetic word, except for the concise summary of REJECTED!

It’s always refreshing in this ever changing world of legal jurisprudence that we can offer such a mark of respect to each other as lawyers, not to simply put, ‘UNSUCCESSFUL’ or even ‘Better Luck Next Time’, or my preference “Thank you for taking the time, but on this occasion….”  

Such is the new way and world of the Bar!  Perhaps, we will in time be able to correspond with this new felt dialogue and communication of electronic tongues when we are summoned to break the news to our unsuccessful client, that in their moment of loss the Court’s decision has decided as they are unsuccessful, that they are now a REJECT.  Maybe, our etiquette of professional conduct has turned a new corner?

As always,

Justin Time


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