To Pupillage Portal With Love, By Way Of Questions And A Lot Of Pondering.


On Target With The Pupillage Applications... If Only!

As yet another ‘Rejected’ made a guest appearance from the ‘Pupillage Portal’, I sought a little solace from the thought that to date any success that I had received in obtaining an interview had derived from non-olpas/Pupillage Portal chambers. However, with what I considered a well argued and structured application, (not to mention the numerous late nights, and glasses of wine later), it makes for extremely poor news that success through the Pupillage Portal should be so uncompromisingly unattainable. Mind you while I still await to hear from all the applications, will an interview be achievable from the set of chambers of which I conducted a recent mini-pupillage?  The jury’s out on that one… and as soon as I know… then indeed I will post that news.

Looking around the Internet blogs and chat rooms, questions seem to be raised as to the all round education and achievement derived within the melting pot of the would be barrister.  Indeed, the previous career successes of my hallowed colleagues with whom have sought to come to the Bar a little later in life, are all feeling a little dejected with the all round displacement of their applications to chambers. As an insider looking in upon that crystal ball, I firmly believe that the skill set that you bring to the table coupled with life experiences can only enhance the attributes needed in the day to day bustle of life at the Bar.  Likewise, I have no doubt that every practising barrister will have their own colourful story of how they achieved their individual success of achieving tenancy at their set of chambers. 

So now, as I fill my glass will a well oiled bottle of Shiraz, (I am sure this liquid refreshment will actively enhance my grey matter and ticker, well that’s what the tabloids would have me believe), I turn to a little light refreshment. As always, my aim is to provide a “Guiding Blog for all Bewildered Would Be Barristers”, so without much ado, I point you to The Magistrate’s Blog.  Here you will find a thoughtful and often amusing tale of the day to day pressures and pitfalls of life as a Magistrate. Often a good read and of some real substance too.

As always,
Justin Time

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