Pupillage Interviews Going South!

reparation for any pupillage interview should always include a wide knowledge of news and views from the Bar, along with current news and opinions within the area of law in which you seek to practice, that way you can be assured to be able to succinctly answer any curve ball that may be thrown at you during the interview process. However, nothing could have prepared me for an interview I had recently as I have mentioned previously in another post.

From Snowy Climbs to Pupillage Applications

Importantly though, the time is now to be focused upon applications to the Non-OLPAS sets of chambers. To this end, I will be signposting and diarising upon the Pupillage Blog the different chamber deadlines as they fall due. (Note that applications for pupillage with Frances Taylor Building need to be in for 31st Jan).

Networking Your Way To Pupillage

ne of the conclusions that I seem to be left with from my personal experiences, is that attaining a pupillage within a particular set of chambers would seem to be more likely driven by the ability to network successfully with one or more its members, than down to the credibility and worthiness of the individual. With this in mind, it was with interest this week that I read the press release from The Bar Council upon ‘Setting the Pace on Social Mobility’.

Pupillage becomes all a Twitter!

Today’s blog discusses the arrival of the Pupillage Blog on Twitter and then addresses the importance of the covering letter for pupillage with some entertaining and engaging results from chambers.

Pupillage Interviews and the Pupillage Panel

Reading around the Web there are a number of blogs posting upon how a potential pupil should perform at the interview and what to expect.  My knowledge on this subject adds to this legal cobweb of intrigue as I am only too aware that no two chambers interviews are the same. From personal experience and […]