New Additions, Links And Updates On The Pupillage Blog

Revised Pupillage Information, Links, Additions & Updates Upon The Pupillage Blog

Following recent Pupillageblog posts and tweets across Twitter, key information upon The Pupillage Blog has now been either revised or updated.  These additions, revisions and updates can be found within the left hand column of the blog and include ‘Life as a Pupil’, ‘Barristers Toolkit’ along with ‘Pupillage Interviews and Application Writing’.

‘Life as a Pupil’ is a new addition to The Pupillage Blog, these links provide an insight to the personal experiences of pupils undertaking pupillages at the following sets of chambers, namely Five Paper Buildings, 4 King’s Bench Walk and 3 Paper Buildings.  Keep an eye on this section, as it will continue to grow over the coming weeks.

The next section which has been revised is the Barristers Toolkit.  Additions here include links to cross examination techniques and closing arguments from Bedford Row’s Steven Kay QC, to the compelling video for any aspiring barrister, The 2010 Sir David Williams Lecture: ‘A View from the Bar’.  Also note, a direct link to the 2011 Pupillage Portal submission timetable can also be found here.

Finally, ‘Pupillage Interviews and Application Writing’, a new section which will link to a variety of tools and support for the would be pupil on the road to submitting pupillage applications and preparing for interviews.

As February comes to an end, I give a reminder to an important event which should be pinned to the calendar of any prospective barrister.  Organised by TargetJobs, The National Pupillage Fair will be hosted at Lincoln’s Inn on Saturday 5th March.  This annual event which enables would be pupils to meet a vast array of different barristers representing chambers from across the country, is the perfect opportunity to get an understanding of how the individual sets operate, whilst gaining a good insight into the mindset of the specific requirements that the individual chambers will be seeking from their next pupillage intake.  As posted within a previous blog, the event will start from 10.30am and I would certainly recommend in pre-registering for what is always a well attended occasion.

So until next time, take care and good luck with those ongoing applications.

Justin Time.

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