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News from The Pupillage Blog

Latest news and pupillage opportunities.

Good morning all from Pupillageville. It has been a very busy few months and whilst the ‘The Daily Pupillage Blog’ has been bringing the latest news and views across the legal community, I am pleased to inform all readers that ‘The Pupillage Blog’ has been updated.

Both ‘Current Pupillage Opportunities’ and ‘Current 3rd Six Pupillage Vacancies 2014′ are brimming with the latest offerings across a wide array of Chambers.

Turning to other popular features across the Blog, Barristers Toolkit, Chambers Legal Commentary and Life as a Pupil have all been updated too.

As ever, I will be looking to continue to provide the very best in latest legal news for Pupils and Barristers with regular legal updates.

As always,

Stephen AKA Justin Time.

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