Latest News and Opportunities for Mini-Pupillages and Pupillage

From the latest pupillages to pupillage news on Facebook!

From the latest mini-pupillages to pupillage news on Facebook!

Well it has been a busy time here in Pupillageville this November, with the new addition of ‘Mini-Pupillage Opportunities 2013-14’ being added to the blog, (and I hear you say not a minute too soon), to the launch of The Pupillage Blog on Facebook, and a request to provide commentary in the New Law Journal surrounding the new scheme from the Bar Standards Board to provide extra regulatory support under a new supervisory scheme for barristers, which comes into force in January 2014.

But back to business. You will note that there are a number of new pupillage opportunities which have been added to ‘Current Pupillage Opportunities 2013’ namely those of Reeds Solicitors, Weir House Chambers and Kings Court Chambers.  Importantly the submission dates for these applications is on or around the beginning of December, so time will be of the essence if you want to apply.

Whilst these chambers may not be offering the high end of pupillage awards, don’t be put off!  I would certainly recommend applying for any opportunity which will enable you to get your foot on that first run of the pupillage ladder as this must be you primary focus, rather than being led by the financial pupillage award.

Turning now to ‘Mini-Pupillage Opportunities 2013-14’, this has been on the agenda for quite a while, however given my current commitments, it has taken a little while for me to put this  information into motion.  This being said, I aim to update this weekly, so my recommendation is to come back regularly.

Mini-pupillage is a key undertaking for any would be barrister, try if possible to undertake a number of differing mini-pupillages as this will inevitably be discussed at any potential interview.  The advantage for doing this will demonstrably show that you have taken an active part in understanding from a very practical and hands on approach the role of a pupil and a real comprehension of the role of a barrister.  You will note that some of the chambers listed in ‘Mini-Pupillage Opportunities 2013-14’ provide assessed mini-pupillages, this is because more often than not, some chambers will use this as a determining factor for offering a pupillage.  This being said, only a few of the sets listed are applying this criterion.

Finally, I have at long last added ‘The Pupillage Blog’ to Facebook. It has always been my aim to disseminate updates, pupillages and need to know and key legal information which will support any reader in as many communicative forms as possible, thus making it easier for you to interact with any device so as to support you in your quest for pupillage and success in interviews.

So until my next entry, keep watching the Blog as updates will be posted regularly to both mini-pupillage and pupillage opportunities.

As always,

Stephen AKA Justin Time.

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