Pupillage News And The Future Of The Bar

For those gearing up for the forthcoming pupillage interviews, news from the front that barristers may take the uncharted step of initiating strike action

The Roll Of The Pupillage Dice

It is time to address the fundamental question of whether the opportunity of attaining a pupillage is more than just a mere roll of the dice?

Guest Book Review With Thom Dyke

With the pupillage season in full swing I am really pleased to welcome Thom Dyke to The Pupillage Blog for a Guest Book Review upon Banks on Sentence..

Top 5 Reasons for Young Lawyers and Barristers to Get Blogging

Looking towards 2012-2013, many young lawyers, barristers and trainee solicitors should no longer be looking merely to survive, but instead to thrive and advance their careers.

News, Tenancy and Pupillage Interviews

Turning for a moment to those who have already attained pupillage, I note that several chambers are currently seeking barristers.