The Advocates Bundle and News from Court

Following on from ‘News From Chambers’, I am pleased to add a new feature to ‘The Pupillage Blog’, entitled ‘News From Court’.

Pupillage Interviews And News From The Pupillage Blog

Over the coming weeks, A Day In The Life of A Barrister’ will be a ongoing feature that will feature additional barristers, so keep an eye on The Pupillage Blog.

Reaching The Journey’s End!

Over the past few years The Pupillage Blog has grown and with the advent of Twitter, more individuals have been able to share in both the direction and commentary of the Blog.

Daily Legal News From The Pupillage Blog via Twitter

..designed to enable those of you who do not follow Twitter to be able to catch up with the daily interaction of The Pupillage Blog and not miss out on any of those all important legal tweets..

Launching our new feature ‘News From Chambers’

Today new from The Pupillage Blog, we are pleased to launch our new feature ‘News From Chambers’. The news page will be updated regularly and is dedicated to bringing the very latest news of court room successes along with all the movers and shakers at chambers.