The Pupillage Hunt Continues …. Armed With A Little Light Relief!

Another busy week and the quest continues....

Another busy week and the quest continues....

Well it’s been quite a busy week with pupillage applications to the left and right and the burning of the midnight oil for the non-OLPAS chambers. And so it is that I must wait for the proverbial feedback through both the virtual and physical letterbox.

On the other hand this week has given me the opportunity to get ‘Twitter’ under my belt. I hope to make this virtual online experience an opportunity in which to share and impart views to a wider audience in the eternal search of the pupillage chalice, even if it does mean that I might bump into a virtual ‘Stephen Fry’ and the reportage that allegedly follows.

I was pleased to receive my copy of ‘The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook – 2010’ this week (definite must have!!).  Having marked the salient pages of intent, I will now in earnest highlight the prospective chambers and place them in my sights.  Of course it goes without saying that all feedback generated will be reported back to the nerve centre here at ‘PupillageBlog.Com’.

Turning to my ongoing Internet trawl.  I have found an entertaining gem of a site which is gathering quite a pace. Produced by the ‘Anonymous Assistant’ comes the diary of a down-trodden solicitor.  This site is guaranteed to raise a smile as you beat your brow into submission upon yet another pupillage application form.

Whilst also ensuring an equitable balance of legal Internet jurisdiction, so it is I direct you to ‘Barmaid – BVC And All That’.  This Website is penned as being an open ended diary of a would be barrister on her journey to the Bar.  Happy reading!!

As always,
Justin Time

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