The Pupillage Fair & The Pupillage Proms Part II

From Pupillage to Composer - Pupillage Proms Part II

With a lull before the storm of the online pupillage applications through the Pupillage Portal, the TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair will soon be upon us.  The Fair this year will be taking place on Saturday 3 March at Lincoln’s Inn and as always, I would certainly recommend that you take this opportunity to register ahead of time so as to avoid any disappointment.

The Pupillage Fair offers an objective opportunity for those embarking upon the path to pupillage to engage, chat and network with a wide number of tenants and pupils from the represented chambers, whilst also gaining a good insight into life at the Bar. Throughout the day, there will be a number of informative talks on careers at the Bar which have always proven to be extremely popular, so my advice on this would be to identify the programme you would like to attend before you go, as you will need to queue for each talk.

Most of all if you are going to attend the Pupillage Fair this year, go with open eyes, do your research, ask pertinent questions and try and get a gauge on those sets that you may be applying to in April.  Enquire about the success rate of those pupils who then went on to attain tenancy.  Likewise, if on the day you find a set that you really engage with, enquire about the possibilities of attaining a mini-pupillage at chambers. Finally, don’t forget to charge up that smart phone and ensure that you have a pad and pen at the ready to jot down all the relevant information that circulates your way as you will almost certainly reap the benefit from this after the Fair.

Turning now to the Pupillage Proms Part II.  In a previous post, I alluded to the fact that we all come to the Bar with differing skills and abilities and I am no exception to this rule.  In the post the Pupillage Proms Part I, I placed for your entertainment a composition entitled ‘A Question of Honour’. Today to help encourage and hopefully invigorate you upon your journey I have below a composition which I scored for a film soundtrack a few years ago entitled ‘The Score’.

So happy listening until next time.

As always
Stephen AKA Justin Time



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