The Pupillage Award Debate Reaches New Dizzy Heights!

The Pupillage Blog Goes To Press!

The Pupillage Blog Goes To Press!

A major hurdle for any mature pupil is the affordability to undertake pupillage with ongoing family responsibilities and stretched financial commitments. So it was welcoming to see the feature within ‘The Lawyer’, where it was reported that 3VB had become the latest set of chambers to declare that it would be raising its pupillage award for 2011 to a staggering £60,000.

Whilst this news will be very much welcomed by those like myself seeking to attain pupillage, it is my candid opinion that any spark of a financial surge within the pupillage awards marketplace could be deemed as being a little premature. Indeed, looking at the main stay of chambers, pupillage awards would generally appear to sit firmly within the region of 10K-15K.

Critics at the Bar continue to debate the issues as to whether pupils should be paid any financial remuneration at all. Indeed, the argument is often persuasively put forward by some barristers that payment of a pupil has been the single main attributable cause for the reduction of opportunities for pupillage within the profession.

This compelling argument will continue to rage on and will in my opinion be further fuelled by the continued disparity within the profession to address the single most important issue that faces any would be barrister.

Turning now to other offerings. It is always heartening to find a website which can offer some clear and practical advice upon attaining pupillage, or ways to approach pupillage in a logical and practical manner.  So with this, I will point you in the direction of ‘Wigless A student barrister’s take on the Family Bar’.

As always,
Justin Time

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