The Golden Chalice!

A worthy Blog to be visited...

A worthy Blog to be visited...

As Easter evening comes to a close, I have finally put pen to paper, or in this electronic age, fingers to keyboard to provide the first update. Well, having explored the world of ‘Twitter’, this should now see each seamless blog connect to yet another cyber platform.

So you may ask why have I decided to write ‘another pupillage blog’? Well having trawled the Internet I came across a number of observations. Often other blogs would seem to have become outdated or even redundant. Indeed, even live ‘Blogs’ point to blank electronic canvasses, or just simply point to a diarised entry of yesteryear.

To this end, when I find another blog which I feel could help or offer an another approach to this bewildered path we lead, then I will place a link accordingly to the left hand side of the Blog and give it the platform it deserves.

So in order the get the ball rolling, I have added a link to the first site entitled ‘CHARON QC The blawg…’. A rather good legal blog which introduces a good remedy to lighten those often heavy days ahead with a sense of humor, dry wit and sarcasm which will certainly keep you amused from within your computer terminal screen. With this, I leave you to investigate further. But beware, it is a highly addictive Blog which will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Each link I find will be reviewed regularly, so as to ensure that it does not grow dusty on the sideboard and that should you click through it, something will be there to keep you entertained, updated or provide the much needed tonic to keep you on the guiding path for all bewildered would be Barristers.

Justin Time

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