The Advocates Bundle and News from Court

New feature on The Pupillage Blog - The Advocates Bundle and News from Court

Following on from ‘News From Chambers’, I am pleased to add a new feature to ‘The Pupillage Blog’, entitled ‘News From Court’.

This new feature will be updated regularly and is dedicated to bringing the very latest legal cases and news of some of the best advocates in court, so as to help you on your pupillage quest of knowing who’s who in the Barristers Robing Room.  More importantly, with each piece of news there are links associated with each of the barristers profiles, including details of the conducted cases along with information upon their sets of Chambers.

On the Twitter newswire this week, there have been some thoughtful and engaging posts surrounding pupillage.  With the ever increasing number of institutions offering the BPTC and the ever reducing opportunities for pupillage, Gerard McDermott QC pens his thoughts on pupillage and the routes to the Bar in an engaging piece written for The Barrister Magazine.

Another article which I would strongly recommend for reading, comes from the pen of Zoe Saunders of  St John’s Chambers and was featured this week within ‘The Lawyer‘.  Zoe offers a personal insight into the no-holds- barred pupillage stakes and outlines the concerns at the Bar and amongst students that the rising demand for the BPTC is not reflected by rising availability of pupillages.

Turning now to mini-pupillages.   Increasingly an assessed mini-pupillage has become an all important part of the pupillage application process within many chambers.  Whilst it will be argued that this will not always be a specific requirement of the pupillage process, it is nevertheless a real opportunity for most sets to establish a measurable criterion against the would be pupil.

Typically mini-pupillages are conducted throughout the whole year, however the application and interview process is conducted well ahead of time.  So my recommendation is to start early in researching opportunities using the ‘Pupillage Portal’.  Submission application dates can be found on the ‘Pupillage Portal’ and more often or not,  relevant e-mail addresses or a direct link to the chambers formal online application form is provided.

To round off, can I recommend an excellent resource to bookmark for those seeking a 3rd Six Pupillage.  The Bar Council publish a regularly updated listing of 3rd Six vacancies, along with direct links for applications and submission deadline dates.

Finally, don’t forget that pupillage applications for both College Chambers & East Anglian Chambers need to be submitted by the end of October and all details of which can be found under ‘Non-OLPAS Open Pupillage Applications’.

As always,

Stephen AKA Justin Time


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