News From Chambers – Update!

Featured news this week comes from the following chambers: 3 Paper Buildings, 1 Hare Court, 1 Inner Temple Lane and 15 New Bridge Street. Additionally this week, the ‘Court Diary’ focuses upon recruitment for chambers, pupillages and notable successes within the court room!

Launching our new feature ‘News From Chambers’

Today new from The Pupillage Blog, we are pleased to launch our new feature ‘News From Chambers’. The news page will be updated regularly and is dedicated to bringing the very latest news of court room successes along with all the movers and shakers at chambers.

Pupillage News and Important Links for Pupillage Applications

It has to be said, that one of the most searched terms on the blog is that of a ‘covering letter for pupillage’. Providing a succinct application which meets the expectations in content for any perspective Pupillage Committee is an absolute must.

The Daily PupillageBlog Legal Twitter

As the PupillageBlog continues to tweet away with regular updates upon Twitter, I will be providing a new daily editorial feature upon ‘The Daily PupillageBlog Legal Twitter’. This new editorial will give an insight into some of the daily legal tweeters along with highlighting the best of the daily tweeting features and articles. So put your feet up and enjoy.

Pupillage Application and Interview Tools 2011

As the New Year starts, the flurry of pupillage applications to non-OLPAS sets begins. This year I will be including on the PupillageBlog links to the individual chambers seeking pupils for both 2011 and 2012