Pupillage and Dealing with the Frustration of Rejection

Given the hard work of many an evening pooling thoughts to strike life into this marathon online application, I think it is important to strike a return ball back to chambers and seek their thoughts as to why these online submissions are unsuccessful. Indeed, to explore what it was that my application lacked and furthermore, what focus I need to apply to gain a somewhat more than fanciful opportunity to get before the interview panel!

Pupillage Update and News From the Front!

Extract from diary entry …..
…Dear diary, another day and still no more news from the Pupillage Portal. As I wait for feedback on those pupillage applications, one should not grow despondent or become downcast upon that fact that pupillage interviews are well and truly underway …..

To Pupillage Portal With Love, By Way Of Questions And A Lot Of Pondering.

As yet another ‘Rejected’ made a guest appearance from the ‘Pupillage Portal’, I sought a little solace from the thought that to date any success that I had received in obtaining an interview had derived from non-olpas/Pupillage Portal chambers. However, with what I considered a well argued and structured application, (not to mention the numerous […]

Research, Research, Research … Makes for a Good Pupil!

The success of any would be lawyer is the ability to research well with fastidious preparation.  Indeed as you venture upon your BVC the aptitude to write accurate and well delivered opinions demonstrates a key prerequisite within the armoury of any barrister.  No doubt as you currently tackle your well documented researched case law, you […]