Latest News and Opportunities for Mini-Pupillages and Pupillage

.You will note that there are a number of new pupillage opportunities which have been added to ‘Current Pupillage Opportunities 2013’ namely those of Reeds Solicitors, Weir House Chambers and Kings Court Chambers. Importantly the submission dates for these applications is on or around the beginning of December.

Happy New Year from the Pupillage Blog

So as 2009 comes to an end, I can certainly reflect upon the fact that this year has been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions and successes. In reflection, whilst I was not successful in attaining the much sought after pupillage, I have been able attain success within other area’s of my life. If there is a lesson to be taken from 2009, as one door shuts two doors open and persistence with the desire to succeed is the key!

Merry Christmas from the Pupillage Blog

As the snow just begins to melt a way, I reflect back upon a very different year of change of which I hope draws me a little closer in the quest for pupillage. Whilst not achieving the attainment of pupillage this year, I have accomplished the online publication of the Pupillage Blog and the transformation to ‘Twitter’, all of which have been well received by their respective readers.

Networking Your Way To Pupillage

ne of the conclusions that I seem to be left with from my personal experiences, is that attaining a pupillage within a particular set of chambers would seem to be more likely driven by the ability to network successfully with one or more its members, than down to the credibility and worthiness of the individual. With this in mind, it was with interest this week that I read the press release from The Bar Council upon ‘Setting the Pace on Social Mobility’.

Pupillage becomes all a Twitter!

Today’s blog discusses the arrival of the Pupillage Blog on Twitter and then addresses the importance of the covering letter for pupillage with some entertaining and engaging results from chambers.