Reaching The Journey’s End!

Poised for action with applications and the Pupillage Portal

The creation of ‘The Pupillage Blog’ has been an interesting dilemma, as it was always my intention to write an account of my ongoing journey to attain pupillage and to provide readers with an up-to-date account of the ongoing diary of a ‘would be barristers’ adventure.  Ironically, ‘The Pupillage Blog’ seems to have taken a slight departure and now provides a wide number of people pertinent information to enable them to prepare for the legal journey into the judicial and adversarial arena.

Over the past few years The Pupillage Blog has grown and with the advent of Twitter, more individuals have been able to share in both the direction and commentary of the Blog. Last week @PupillageBlog on Twitter reached a new milestone as it attained its 1000th follower. So many thanks to all of you Tweeters!!!

As I have already mentioned in a previous blog, everybody comes to the table with a different story to share about their journey to the Bar. For me, I studied as a mature student and it saddens me to note that out of my cohort, only three or four have managed to attain their pupillage and then go on to pursue a career at the Bar.

So as we approach the long nights of completing online applications for the ‘Pupillage Portal’ what does the future hold? Well for my part, I firmly have to say that coming to the Bar was a positive move, whether I attain pupillage or not, this has been one of the most enlightening, engaging and rewarding periods of my life. Whilst I may not yet attain the hallowed pupillage title, I have been able to act for individuals through pro-bono and within my ongoing union casework.  To date I have gained many successes both in and out of court, but nothing gives you a more warmer glow than knowing that you have been able to successfully apply both knowledge and experience with succinct precision so as to support another’s legal plight.

As I was  ‘Called to the Bar’ in 2007 my pupillage time clock is nearly at an end, this year will be my last application through the ‘Pupillage Portal’, so like so many of you out there I too will be burning the midnight oil as I prepare to sent those electronic applications into cyberspace and beyond.

So until next time,  good luck with all those pupillage applications!

As always,
Justin Time



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