Pupillage Update and News From the Front!

"Extra... Extra... Read All About It..."

"Extra... Extra... Read All About It..."

Extract from diary entry …..
“Wednesday Evening – Dear diary, another day and still no more news from the Pupillage Portal.  As I wait for feedback on those pupillage applications, one should not grow despondent or become downcast upon that fact that pupillage interviews are well and truly underway and yet still no news!  Good news though shines through from the local off-licence. Shiraz is under offer on the basis of two for the price of one!”

To brighter news, feedback from the front is positive as yesterday a colleague had returned from a successful pupillage interview.  Having arrived at chambers in good time, he was given ten minutes to look over a court judgment and then execute a finely tuned appeal on behalf of the defendant. Whilst this in part could sound daunting for the uninitiated, I am pleased to report that justice was served and the jury is out upon whether a second interview is to be tabled.

Turning to other news, it has been recently reported by ‘Legal Week’ that the parent company of top UK law school BPP has accepted a £303.5m takeover offer from the US education provider Apollo. It is inevitable in my opinion that the takeover will be closely viewed by both students and lawyers alike, especially given its status within the legal education forum. For any current or potential students seeking to study at the BPP for their BVC, it is certainly worth having a look at the Charon QC blawg as there is a podcast with Peter Crisp, CEO of BPP Law School and Nigel Savage, CEO, College of Law on the acquisition of BPP by Apollo.

Next I turn to a little light hearted entertainment. With all this doom and gloom being reported daily, I have placed a link in ‘Other Worthy Blogs’ for BabyBarista. If ever you need a quick pick-me-up, or seek a little ray of sunlight to keep you going throughout the day, then why don’t you follow the exploits of the fictional account of a junior barrister at the English Bar.  Definitely guaranteed to raise a smile or two!

As always,
Justin Time

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