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Getting on target with that all important pupillage application!

It has been an evocative and thought provoking week with the controversial news that barristers will face a duty to report misconduct by their colleagues under new rules proposed by the Bar’s regulator, whilst on the other hand rules have been relaxed to allow barristers to talk to the media. Commentaries by some barristers across Twitter have questioned whether this new change may be used as a litigation tactic? The jury is out on this and only time will tell if this is to be the case.

Staying with Twitter, it would seem that the uptake by both barristers and chambers to use this social networking hub is on the increase. Evidence of this social mobility change can also be derived from Baroness Deech, who is said to have persuaded the Bar Standards Board to start engaging upon Twitter this week.

Turning now to the Pupillage Blog. It has to be said, that one of the most searched terms on the blog is that of a ‘covering letter for pupillage’. Providing a succinct application which meets the expectations in content for any perspective Pupillage Committee is an absolute must. Therefore, as the opening of the Pupillage season draws ever closer, my focus on today’s blog is the importance of preparation for that all important pupillage application form and the final submission to chambers.

One of the key requirements of any submission process is to have good knowledge about the chambers that you will be submitting your Pupillage Portal application to. My thoughts on this are to always try and make some initial contact with the appropriate chambers, or at the very least, read up upon all sets within the area or law that you are looking to specialise within. In any event, a must for any would be a pupil is to attend the TargetJobs National Pupillage Fair which will be held at Lincoln’s Inn on Saturday 5th March.  This event will give you both the opportunity to investigate different sets of chambers, whilst at the same time actually engage with the representative barristers.  This is a very well attended event and my tip here is to get ahead of the game and pre-register,  which will enable you to make the very most of your time at the pupillage fair.

A key question that you may be asked about at interview or on an application form, will be your views and opinions upon the Bar. Last year at the University of Cambridge, the Honourable Michael Beloff QC delivered the 2010 Sir David Williams Lecture entitled “A View from the Bar”. Mr Beloff explained in detail his views of development of the barrister’s profession over the last forty years. Last week I tweeted the link to the video of this engaging and compelling lecture which runs for approximately an hour in length.  If you are serious about obtaining a place at chambers, then I urge you to click on the above link.

So until next time, take care and good luck with those applications.

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