Pupillage Interviews & Being Prepared

"...You need to be on the ball with fresh information ..."

"...You need to be on the ball with fresh information ..."

Over the last few blogs the focus has been upon the expectancy of our cherished green light and the potential opportunities which may exist within Chambers.  However, whilst it is important to be focused upon the application process, equally, it is important to stay in touch with what is going on around you.

I recall the time when I was knee deep in studying upon the BVC, when representatives from different Chambers were invited to come and provide a somewhat informal presentation upon what they perceived as their desired approach and prerequisites from any prospective pupillage candidate.

As usual, opinions differed from what Chambers saw as the required criterion.  Whilst one set saw the key requirement that if a pupillage applicant had a crease in a shirt, then they were not worth their salts and certainly they could never to be taken seriously within the four walls of Chambers. Others saw a somewhat balanced approach, in that it was important to know what was going on within the profession and indeed what was topical currently at the Bar.

To this end, no doubt those of you who are embarking upon a potential interview will be diligently studying your recent edition of the Counsel magazine, just to ensure that you are up-to-speed, and ‘in the know’.  My thoughts on this are that you need to have a wider spectrum of tip-top informed knowledge, so that you can differentiate within your comfort zone and if required, be able to discuss in a mindful and thoughtful manner at interview your chosen topic with a stamp of authority.

With this in mind, I point you to ‘The Barrister’, no not the one who would like you to iron your shirts with the manic efficiency protocol, but to an online publication which I think provides a wide spectrum of different comments and opinions upon the profession. As always, my intention is to guide the ‘Bewildered Would Be Barrister’ in a northerly direction, so you are equipped and ready for this colourful obstacle course.

One stark reality in this ever changing political dimension is that money is tight. Yes, I will from time to time be recommending appropriate books which may help along the way, but I fervently believe in making use of the resources around you and at your disposal. At interview, you need to be on the ball with fresh information and an opinion which is mindful upon current news and views.

As always,
Justin Time

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