Assistance With Your Pupillage Portal Submission

Pupillage Portal help arrives online thanks to Gray's Inn

If you are looking for help or assistance with your online pupillage submission through the pupillage portal, then look no further.  A film was recorded on Tuesday 30th March at Gray’s Inn, which will guide you through the process fully and will answer all of those niggling questions surrounding all aspects of the online form.  The film is available to watch online at Gray’s Inn.

I would certainly recommend the video which lasts for 1hour and 25 minutes if you are serious about attaining pupillage and comprises of presentations by Christopher Moore of the Pupillage Committee at the Bar Council and James Hooper of GTI Solutions (designers and administrators of the pupillage portal). Importantly, the video includes on the spot questions which are incredibly relevant to any pupillage submission.

On another note, the Pupillage Blog has come of age with an online video!  Click to view more!!!

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