News from Pupillage Blog…..and first to my apologies!!!

At Last the ‘Pupillage Portal’ is complete!!!!

At Last the ‘Pupillage Portal’ is complete!!!!

For one short minute as I grab my pen, I seem to have taken my eye of the blog. And for this I can only apologise. (Probably due to the lack of sleep and the fact that my hand has requested to work a 3 day week after this national event of the ‘Pupillage Portal’).

Having completed the formal documented requirements of the new ‘Pupillage Portal’ a few weeks ago, I sit and stare in amazement that this form has generated a tidy sum of over 25 pages and a wordage that would compliment a renewed version of ‘War and Peace’.  My thoughts are that this unenviable task of reviewing each application will create some unique party games within sets of Chambers across the country as each potential pupil is reviewed, then the application is thrust upon a pile which in no time will represent Chambers own interpretation of the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’.

Indeed over the period of time leading up to the completion deadline, I think I must have managed about eight and a half hours sleep over the week, only then to find because of the proverbial electronic gremlins a further opportunity now exists to submit the online form!

Oh well, it’s now down to the luck of the Gods and remembering not to think … “God I am beginning to loose the will to live with this form….” Perish the thought!!! As we weave the crafted ink pen around the application and decide from our lucid thoughts as to why we thought becoming a Barrister was a good idea!!

I really feel that having completed this pupillage marathon that I should be rewarded in some way, perhaps treat myself to another bottle of wine and submit my rational to the A.A. hmmm now there’s ‘a pause for thought’.

Well amongst this euphoria, I have become a Twitter and this blog will announce to other Twitters that something new and wonderful has happened upon this blog. Damn… perhaps I should have included this piece of electronic wisdom to indulge any potential set of Chambers that I am now a Twitter!!! Mind you, it would appear that you also need credentials of a ‘Techno Wizard’ upon the application. This I fear could prove very entertaining as I am sure that in the passages of Chambers, many an old QC will be enlightened upon a new world of techno babble that has become a new compulsory feature of the Bar!

So until anon,

Your Faithful Blogger,
Justin Time

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