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The changing tide at the bar – as featured in Lawyer 2B

I thought that I would share with you a piece that I penned for the Lawyer 2B this week, entitled ‘The changing tide at the bar‘.   The article reflects upon the recent comments made by chair of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Charles Plant, suggesting that solicitors and barristers should share training and that an individual should be able to transfer between the two professions more easily.

An interesting idea which could enable a more strategic approach for the profession as a whole, but inevitably this move could be perceived as being very controversial. However, in my candid opinion, if there is to be a future for the Bar, then there must be a demonstrable prospect of success for the entrant, with the backing of all the professional bodies to ensure ongoing support in the provision of an unhindered pathway to practise within the profession.  Equally there needs to be a realistic opportunity of work right from the outset to ensure that those in practise are able to maintain a passage of advocacy be it at the employed or self-employed Bar.  To view the article for Lawyer 2B click here.

Turning to news of updates to ‘The Pupillage Blog’.  I have now included the ‘Daily Pupillage Blog News’ (#DPBNews) within the main body of the blog.  DPBNews brings the latest hand-picked legal news and features from some of the best Twitter feeds across the legal community.  So please bookmark this page to ensure that you are kept updated with key legal developments.

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