From Snowy Climbs to Pupillage Applications


Snow arrives to Pupillageville!

Snow arrives to Pupillageville!

So no sooner has the New Year begun and we are now heads, knees and toes beneath the snow as can be depicted in the Pupillageville photo. With the snow comes the advantage of polishing up my sledging skills upon the pupillage bobsleigh, which has also the added benefit of allowing the venting away into yesteryear all of those rather bizarre pupillage interviews.

Importantly though, the time is now to be focused upon applications to the Non-OLPAS sets of chambers.  To this end, I will be signposting and diarising upon The Pupillage Blog the different chamber deadlines as they fall due.  (Note that applications for pupillage with Frances Taylor Building need to be in for 31st Jan).

One significant advantage of Non-OLPAS sets is the ability to be able to tailor the curriculum vitae for each intended application, which inevitably is a distinct advantage over the Pupillage Portal process.  (Perhaps its about time the PP took note!).  However, one key point to remember when applying to any set is to take note of the specialist areas of practice.  When preparing any application it is important to reflect any skill set or experience that you may have that could flow in the direction of the intended set of chambers, likewise ensure that your application reflects your aspirations towards the given areas of law.

Pupillage Blog Award

Pupillage Blog Award

Turning now to other blogs that may help you on your way to pupillage.  I decided towards the end of last year after many hours of reading endless legal blogs, that in the New Year I would highlight and award the very best of those which would aid or support any aspiring lawyer with The Pupillage Blog, ‘Award Winning Legal Blog’.

To this end, I really wanted to promote to both law students and lawyers alike the ability to be able to find a solid and reliable resource of updated and informative information which provides a true insight into the profession.  So,  I have been actively reviewing a wide number of legal law blogs and those which really make the grade are given a star rating and critique, all of which you will be able to find within the dedicated page entitled ‘Pupillage Blog Worthy Legal Blog Awards’.

Finally, given the advent of Twitter, an addition to The Pupillage Blog are the daily tweets which covert a wide range of legal news and events.  These tweets will be updated daily and will often link to news worthy stories or appropriate information for any would be barrister.

As always,
Justin Time

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