From Pro Bono to the Pupillage Proms

Riding the pupillage vibe of pro bono and beyond

Riding the pupillage vibe of pro bono and beyond

So now how can a ‘bewildered would be barrister’ keep up to speed with their advocacy and legal skills whilst waiting stage left in the wings for pupillage?

Well, the answer’s simple, become a Free Representation Unit volunteer.

After your initial training and qualifying period as either a social security or employment FRU Representative, you will be responsible for the entire conduct of the case.  Your role will include; interviewing the client, taking instructions from the client, liaising with the other side, negotiating the settlement, drafting witness statements and other submissions, and finally the opportunity to represent your client at Tribunal.

Not only is this a really satisfying pro bono cause, but you would after successfully completing your training run with your own cases. Now call me a stickler, but this is the real ticket to demonstrate your commitment to pro bono and your ability to become that first class lawyer by placing those well learned applied studies and advocacy skills to an extremely worthy cause!

I have placed a new section on the blog for pro bono opportunities and news, so check back often to follow the links.

Finally, after a hectic post or two over news from the ‘Pupillage Portal’, I have decided to include a new feature entitled ‘Pupillage Proms’.  This feature is designed to bring you from time to time some light musical refreshment after a hard day’s slog!  Today’s musical interlude comes from Ennio Morricone in concert, (compliments of ‘YouTube’).

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3 comments to From Pro Bono to the Pupillage Proms

  • Could I also plug the Innocence Project? Students work with solicitors and barristers on real cases of wrongful conviction, working towards a CCRC application; or first instance appeal

    More info on the included website and Twitter –


  • phatboy

    I tried joining the FRU when I was at college. Hopefully it’s changed since then as it was pretty hectic and nobody know what was happening.

    I decided against joining after I wrote an email to a general address enquiring about something or other and I addressed it “Dear Sirs”. Instead of a reply to my question I got a lengthy diatribe about how I was being sexiest for using Sirs instead of something like the very inelegant “Sir/Madam” or whatever.

    Innocence Project is okay, but I do worry about some of the people managing cases on it. I once had to ‘assist’ a student who seemed to be managing a very serious and complex paedophile appeal but who had no idea what a Lucas direction might be and more worringly how to find things in Archbold!

    Nice blog by the way 🙂

  • employment solicitor manchester

    Many thanks so much for the guide it all helped a great deal, many thanks for posting..!

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