From Barrister to Composer – The Pupillage Proms

From Pupillage to Composer - Pupillage Proms

We all come to the Bar with differing skills and abilities, to which I hope that I am no exception to the rule.  As it is now well and truly pupillage season, I thought that I would upload a composition which I scored and recorded a few years ago, which has as I am so often reminded, a likeable countdown theme which may be very pertinent especially as there are 14 days left in which to submit the OLPAS applications.  In any event, I will allow you to be the judge of this.

Over the years  I have written and recorded a number of pieces of music and it would be fair to point out, as you would have by now probably guessed, that Justin Time is my pseudonym name for The Pupillage Blog!  The track below is entitled ‘A Question of Honour’, which I hope you will enjoy and will complement your hard work in completing all those pupillage applications!

Until next time.

As always,
Justin Time

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  • Anonymous

    Having listened to the first few bars (before my other half started to stare at me), it reminds me of a cross between the Ipcress File and some James Bond-style sound tracks mated with the theme tune from a cop show – I like it! I will try and listen to the rest later on.

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