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Daily Twitter Updates Bringing The All Important Pupillage Blog Links and News


As many of you will now know, The Pupillage Blog pro-actively participates upon Twitter in highlighting important legal news, whilst sharing beneficial legal links and key legal views of the day.

Well now I have created a dedicated page on the blog entitled ‘Daily Pupillage Blog Legal News Updates via Twitter’, which is designed to enable those of you who do not follow Twitter to be able to catch up with the daily interaction of The Pupillage Blog and not miss out on any of those legal tweets.  As always, my primary aim is to share and support all of you who follow my blog and to provide key legal news and views across a wide medium.

So as the eternal quest for pupillage continues, I hope that the selected daily tweets will continue to be a valuable asset for both pupil and barrister alike.  Happy Tweeting!

As always
Justin Time

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