News, Tenancy and Pupillage Interviews

Turning for a moment to those who have already attained pupillage, I note that several chambers are currently seeking barristers.

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Pupillage News and the Pupillage Interview Survival Kit

Examples taken from this text include underpinning the importance of an objective criteria within the selection process, short-listing for pupillage, composition of the interview panel and the expected training of the panellists to prevent poorly conducted interviews.

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The Pupillage Blog has been updated. Additions, revisions and updates can be found within the left hand column of the blog and include Life as a Pupil, Barristers Toolkit along with Pupillage Interviews and Application Writing.

Pupillage News and Important Links for Pupillage Applications

It has to be said, that one of the most searched terms on the blog is that of a ‘covering letter for pupillage’. Providing a succinct application which meets the expectations in content for any perspective Pupillage Committee is an absolute must.